Sunday, 5 June 2016

Unboxing & Review: My Bookish Crate

I'm so thrilled to be bringing you my first subscription unboxing, from a new business that has already become a favourite! My Bookish Crate is a bi-monthly book subscription box based in the UK that's both affordable and amazing <3 (the two best things you could ask for)

Last month I was honoured to have had the chance for necklaces from my shop Enchanted Bottle Craft included in their May box. The theme was 'Make a Wish' and it was actually a hope of mine to be involved in a subscription box, so what better place?!

The box turned up on my doorstep a couple weeks ago (I've been waiting until I can post this without spoiling people) and naturally a happy dance ensued, which you should be happy you didn't see ;) even the rain, that had tried to disfigure the box couldn't damper my enjoyment of opening it. Though it did speed things up! Everything was in perfect condition which was a relief.
(for close-ups click the photos)
On first opening the box I saw the card that explains the contents and where it all comes from (it was a feeling like no other seeing my name among them!). Underneath the fun blue paper was the book featured this month: Down with the Shine by Kate Karyus Quinn. Until that moment I hadn't heard of it but after reading the synopsis about a girl who learns the true meaning of be careful what you wish for I'm so excited to start reading.
It came with a bookmark, signed bookplate, sticker/magnet and letter from the author. Gina from Behind the Pages also designed a beautiful foiled bookmark to match. I've wanted all her bookmarks for the longest time so it was a lovely surprise.

Another favourite is the mini wishlist notebook that I've already started using for all the books I want to add to my shelves (or more accurately floor after my last ban didn't exactly last...)
To make things even better, there was also a stunning art print designed by Raquel Leite using a quote from Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor. I can't stop staring at it, I won't lie.

Last is of course my contribution to the box, a bottle of moonshine necklace. I'm so happy to be keeping my own as a memento, along with all the other amazing things! 
I've loved everything inside this box, so it goes without saying that I recommend you check out My Bookish Crate! In the meantime I'll be waiting to hear more about the July box.
Are you subscribed to any boxes? Do you plan on taking a look at this one?

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