Saturday, 30 April 2016

April Wrap Up aka Regrouping After the Busy Month

So April is over... That happened quick! My days were spent inside different caves:

Writing aka words have taken my soul
Last minute (as everything is with me *looks at how I decided to participate in NaNoWriMo the morning of*) I joined my friend's cabin in Camp NaNo. From there I set a 30K word count goal and proceeded to hit 50K, finishing the first draft of my WIP o.O now that is a feeling I want to bottle up and keep!

Speaking of which... Enchanted Bottle Craft aka people actually like my creations
I should have known that starting up a shop would take up a lot of time but I vastly underestimated how much XD there's the designing, creating, photographing, listing, selling, shipping, promoting... *wipes brow* it's so much fun! Exhausting but rewarding.

Blogging aka the lovely part of the internet
I freely admit that I've neglected the blogosphere a little. It's only when I emerge like a hermit from one of my caves that I can remind people I exist and check in with them. However I did get some posts out there:
Author Interview: Chris Cannon
WWW: Sleep and Book Deprived
Review: Life and Death, Twilight Reimagining by Stephenie Meyer

School aka s***
We'll just skip this one. Perhaps if I ignore it long enough it will go away? ;)

Life aka not social
It was my birthday! I celebrated with cake, naturally, and Game of Thrones. Not at the same time because my weak stomach could not have handled a certain death ahah. Also, I am hosting a giveaway for you! And who doesn't want to win a free signed book?

Reading aka the perfect distraction
With a grand total of 7 books I haven't read this little in a while.
Daughters of Ruin by K.D. Castner - A rich tale of betrayal and courtly relationships between four Queens from warring countries. I did have some problems with it (which drove me crazy!) but overall a pleasant read. 3 STARS review
Tell the Wind and Fire by Sarah Rees Brennan - This book shot straight to my favourites list. I cried... so much... You need to read it! 5 STARS review
Shade (Shade #1) by Jeri Smith Ready - I actually forgot I read this, it was that memorable. A great concept with kids being able to see ghosts but with a heavy focus on an unremarkable relationship I feel blase about it. 2 STARS
Struck (Struck #1) by Jennifer Bosworth - Another forgettable one. It went in a direction I didn't enjoy with a religious aspect I didn't see coming which took away from another interesting concept of a girl addicted to lightning. 2 STARS
The Island (The Island #1) by S. Usher Evans - Everything I could ask for! A love-to-hate slow-burning romance and characters colliding because of warring nations. Safe to say I'm excited for more. 5 STARS review
Ren: God's Little Monster (Ren Series #2) by Sarah Noffke - Bloody brilliant. If you haven't read any of Noffke's books you really should! 5 STARS
Crystal Magic (Clearwater Witches #1) by Madeline Freeman - A mass of every YA trope you can think of. Not for me. 2 STARS

I hope you all had a great month! I'd love to hear some of things you've been doing/reading :)

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