Thursday, 10 March 2016

March 2016 Currently... Once Upon A Time, Candles, Tea and the Joy of Technology Not Working

It's been 2 weeks since I last posted so it's time for some catchup (and apologies!) as well as plans for the weeks ahead.


Reading: Life and Death, Twilight Reimagined by Stephenie Meyer and I honestly have no idea what I think just yet O.o a review/ discussion will definitely be on the way
Watching: Once Upon A Time which has returned! *chair dancing* Hook, my love <3 please don't break my heart any more than the last half of season 5 did *dies at thought*
Stalking: Another brilliant writing blog. Writerology from Faye the wonderful host of the #storycrafter Twitter chat never fails to keep me inspired while also informing of new perspectives/ways to look at my writing.
Planning: To finally get my act together and start/keep to routines XD
Making: Yet more bottle designs for for my etsy shop Enchanted Bottle Craft and I have OUAT to thank for these! (Which you can also get 10% off with coupon code 'ONCE10' until 14th March to celebrate the new episodes)

Stocking up on: Tea. It makes everything better (especially with chocolate by the side) and I don't like coffee - I know, I know, it's an unpopular opinion!
Wishing for: Technology to stop being a thorne in my side when it stops working. I won't lie and say it's the whole reason I've been absent but it was a heck of a big reason when everything seemed to be messing up from comments to HTML and all that non-fun stuff.
Enjoying: Having scented candles burning in my room while reading and writing. It seems an overly simple thing but I do love it. Yesterday I had to actually install another shelf because I have so many now <3 (and yes though it's unclear in the photo in the photo that is the lyrics of  'Carry On My Wayward Song' and yes it does make me sing along thinking of Supernatural)
Trying: So many things to varying degrees of success, but it falls back to my attempts at stopping procrastination. I WILL CONQUER IT!
Eating: Food and a lot of it. Snacks have a very significant role of my life okay?
Goal setting: This links back to my plans to get myself in check with regards to blogging, reviews, school, revision, writing etc.
Learning: In school I've been learning that there have been some terrible world leaders (surprise surprise) and in life I'm learning that there are some amazing, inspiring people out there.

So this has been a quick post to show what I'm currently doing! I hope you've enjoyed it.
What have you been doing recently? Do you have any goals for the rest of March?

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