Sunday, 17 January 2016

ARC Review: Suspended (The Vagabond Circus #1) by Sarah Noffke Synopsis:
When a stranger joins the cast of Vagabond Circus—a circus that is run by Dream Travelers and features real magic—mysterious events start happening. The once orderly grounds of the circus become riddled with hidden threats. And the ringmaster realizes not only are his circus and its magic at risk, but also his very life. 

Vagabond Circus caters to the skeptics. Without skeptics, it would close its doors. This is because Vagabond Circus runs for two reasons and only two reasons: first and foremost to provide the lost and lonely Dream Travelers a place to be illustrious. And secondly, to show the nonbelievers that there’s still magic in the world. If they believe, then they care, and if they care, then they don’t destroy. They stop the small abuse that day-by-day breaks down humanity’s spirit. If Vagabond Circus makes one skeptic believe in magic, then they halt the cycle, just a little bit. They allow a little more love into this world. That’s Dr. Dave Raydon’s mission. And that’s why this ringmaster recruits. That’s why he directs. That’s why he puts on a show that makes people question their beliefs. He wants the world to believe in magic once again. 

***I received the ARC eBook from the author in exchange for an honest review***

Beautiful, mesmerising and magical – all words to describe the Vagabond Circus and this book! Originally I was a little worried because it didn’t have my favourite start (I felt disconnected from the characters that I also had a hard time growing to like even though I could understand their standpoint) but by the end I was dying for more. The damn kindle lied saying I had 10% left but it wasn't technically part of the story (it was actually an awesome-ly teasing sneak peek from the sequel plus other books). So it's a good thing that I have a lot more to look forward to from Sarah!

Suspended revolves around a group of Dream Travelers who are part of the thrilling Vagabond circus. This means that they’ve come from far and wide with different histories and different personalities that definitely stand out from the pages – they were unique. Finley especially, the newest (and somewhat unwelcome) edition was clouded in mystery and everything about him drew you in. There were so many hints along the way about his motivations that I’m dying to re-read it just to have those ‘aha!’ moments. Also after that ending I’m not ready to move on… I’ll be sitting here staring at the wonderful cover of Paralyzed until its release.

I can’t wait to see more interactions between Finley and Zuma. I can’t wait to find out more about the villain that has already sent shivers down my spine. I can’t wait for the emotional scenes bound to make my heart hurt. Basically I can’t wait for more in this fantastic series!


Favourite Quotes:
“There’s no reason anyone should ever feel lonely when there’s love everywhere. There’s no excuse for talented people to trudge through life. And if we weigh down our children, the very source that makes the stars blaze in the sky, then we may wake to realize we’ve lost something irretrievable.”

“He was a tornado, changing every second, beautiful and dangerous and unpredictable. But she loved storms. Always had.” 

“A show at the circus was an organic being. It was created by real ingredients, real people. It sometimes evolved and sometimes regressed. It lived and it died. Each show, each day, was alive for a brief period of time, like a human. And then as the audience exited the big top the beating heart of that show slowed until it was no more.” 

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