Sunday, 6 December 2015

Review: Consuming Fire (Rouge #3) by Isabella Modra Synopsis:
After Hunter and Will are rescued from the institution and brought to the safe house where the others are hiding out, Hunter is met with several new challenges; facing Joshua for the first time since the warehouse, forgiving him for the mess he made of her life, discovering that Eli and Jenny are alive, and mending the shaken relationship she has with Will after their horrific last few days in ICE, all the while figuring out a way to defeat Dr. Wolfe and get her father back. 

Before the ultimate battle between hero and villain, Hunter has to endure more loss, heartbreak and horror than ever before. But she also experiences joy in uniting with her friends from ICE and rekindling a lost flame with Joshua. During the last stretch of her journey, Hunter realizes it is not the power that makes her a hero... it's the consuming fire within.

***I received the eBook free as a review copy from the author through goodreads group in exchange for an honest review***

This story has come leaps and bounds from the first book; improving for the better with everything from writing (that is beautiful), to plot (that is complicated and surprising), to character development (I either love them to pieces or want to throw them in a volcano) to how much I enjoyed every second, even when my heart was being torn out and crushed to smithereens.

My emotions were all over the place – Isabella Modra knows how to play them well. Essentially just follow up a peaceful moment that promises things to be looking up with a death and you have the basics on how to make a fangirl cry. There was so much carnage and heartbreak for the characters that it was impossible to not be affected. I had been invested right from the start (even when Hunter was being an arrogant master at angst, which she even admits to!) and it made the conclusion that much more brilliant to read.

Between moments of tragedy and hope (that were often a two-piece deal) there was also humour that came from long lost characters and new ones alike. The ‘side characters’ as you will, all had unique personalities that jumped from the pages and simply demanded that you care. It became more than just Hunter’s story and I loved that. The relationships she had with others and the ones between themselves too were so well done, they weren’t easy or simple but messy and realistic.

Even in a story about superheroes, nothing was so farfetched that it was unbelievable which stemmed from the fact that the characters were complex and relatable (though not always because I’d like to think that Dr. Wolfe is alone in his evil nature). The themes about good and evil running through the story were overshadowed by the actual storyline but they found a way into my head and are there to stay.

In the end this book reminded me in the best way possible why I love reading and try so hard to make time for it; so when you come across gems like this series, you want to share it with the world and you want to rave about it with friends – basically you should read it and then we can do it all together!
Favourite Quotes:
“The true heroes are the ones who have courage, even when they have no power at all.”

“You have to face real life, because when you do, you’ll find it’s easier than the pain you go through when you figure out you’re imagining things. Real life hurts, but it hurts more when you lie to yourself.”

"There are many things a hero is. Honourable. Courageous. A light. Sometimes they are victorious, facing monsters like fear with their swords held high. Sometimes they fail, but they learn to get up and keep fighting because no one else is brave enough. But always ... they are there for those in need. We cannot all live forever. But their sacrifice will not be forgotten. We will remember out fallen heroes."

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