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ARC Review: Thief of Lies (Library Jumpers #1) by Brenda Drake

17669243Goodreads Synopsis:
Gia Kearns would rather fight with boys than kiss them. That is, until Arik, a leather clad hottie in the Boston Athenaeum, suddenly disappears. While examining the book of world libraries he abandoned, Gia unwittingly speaks the key that sucks her and her friends into a photograph and transports them into a Paris library, where Arik and his Sentinels—magical knights charged with protecting humans from the creatures traveling across the gateway books—rescue them from a demonic hound.

Jumping into some of the world's most beautiful libraries would be a dream come true for Gia, if she weren’t busy resisting her heart or dodging an exiled wizard seeking revenge on both the Mystik and human worlds. Add a French flirt obsessed with Arik and a fling with a young wizard, and Gia must choose between her heart and her head, between Arik's world and her own, before both are destroyed.

***I received the ARC eBook free as a review copy from the publisher through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review***

This book had the makings to be amazing and ticked all the boxes before I picked it up; with the mention of a hot love interest, strong female character, magic and libraries with books it was a must read. Unfortunately these were just tropes that continuously popped up in a way that made me roll my eyes (I even had to laugh at myself writing that list).

It almost felt like I had read the book before, with so many aspects similar to other books (the beginning especially paralleled City of Bones in a way) that in all honesty I probably would have preferred to be reading. Comparisons were therefore unavoidable and didn’t bode well for Thief of Lies – amazing title that also cemented in my brain that the idea for this story was better in theory.

Similarly, the Gia in the synopsis that “would rather fight with boys than kiss them” was nowhere to be seen. Instead I found a girl whose thoughts didn’t match her actions, who was stubborn in the most stupid places just for the hell of it and compliant as a mouse in others, whose powers came easily just when she needed them because the plot demanded it, who didn’t think she was anything special until the guy/people around her continually said so and who chastised herself every few pages while complaining about everything else in her life which got old fast. In the end I couldn’t relate to Gia because I couldn’t understand her.

Arik wasn’t much better with his “we mustn’t be together or the world will end” attitude one minute and then “screw it, she’s hot” way of thinking the next, only to go back again… The boy frustrated me more than anything else. Which nicely sums up my feelings on the book in general and the fact is disappointing because I not only wanted to love Thief of Lies but thought I would – alas, no. Though I'm sure others will.
Favourite Quotes:
“Sentinels are sort of like Mary, aren’t we?” His voice was quiet. “We’re alone in the world, taken from our true parents. I like to think of the libraries as our secret garden. Our escape.”

“The Coming is here, and it is our duty to protect against the evils that will follow. I am not sure what we face, but there is not another bunch I would want to go into battle with than this one.”
“Nor is there a leader I would rather follow than you,” Jaran said as he straightened. “I will fight until my last breath for all that is good.”
“As will I,” Lei said.
“And I,” Kale followed.
Demos smirked. “Such mush.”

“We each have an appointment with death. I’d rather die for a cause than die of old age never having done something important.” 

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