Tuesday, 3 November 2015

YA Shot Wrap-Up & Haul

Last week (on Tuesday to be exact) I travelled up to Uxbridge for the book event YA Shot ran by author Alexia Casale and it was fantastic!
     I hadn't planned on writing a post about the day (hence why I didn't write so many notes/record things/take photos/be organised!) but it was a great experience and has influenced some of the things happening in my life right now so I wanted to share :)

My plan is to do this in a kind of chronological order, starting off with a recap of the panels/workshops I managed to attend.

Me and my lovely friends Susie, Chloe, Sanaya, Izzy, Josie, Sally and Roman first went to the workshop Sitting on Both Sides of the Desk: Writing & agenting, novels & scripts with Faye Bird. It was really interesting to see how being an agent went on to affect being a writer (like not including character's physical descriptions) and as someone who doesn't necessarily know what they want to do 'when they're older' but has an obvious passion for books it opened my eyes to doing both.
     Going on to create our own characters was great too and the technique of continuously asking questions about them to create a profile is something I've been doing lately.
We then went to Benjamin of Tomes' workshop Getting Started with Vlogging, After giving an introduction he answered questions including if you need fancy equipment (not right away or really ever but if it's something you want to invest in that's also cool) and the best way to 'succeed' aka have fun (be yourself and make friends).
     Ben was lovely to talk to and earlier had given us all a free book each from Curiosity Quills & Of Tomes which is always a plus!
I managed to also briefly catch up with author Taran Matharu who was kind enough to talk to me about his workshop Creating Fantasy Worlds. Again, the advice to list some of your favourite things like certain tv shows, or life experiences and taking aspects be it good or bad and using that as the basis of your novel, is something I've been doing recently.

The Developing your blog's brand and gaining followers workshop with amazing bloggers Daphne and Jim since Debbie was unfortunately unwell, which I then went to was also resourceful (I'm hoping to implement some new things on the blog soon but more on that another time probably). Not only that, I met lots of great people I'd only spoken to online or hadn't met before.

Throughout my time at YA Shot it's safe to say safe to say I met some truly amazing people!

The two panels attended Re-writing Worlds: Heroines of Fantasy (chaired by Ellen Renner with CJ Daughtery, Melinda Salisbury and Gary Meehan) and Hopeless Romantics: Doomed lovers and ideals of romance (chaired by Lauren James with Cat Doyle and Lucy Saxon) both made me laugh frequently (killing off characters is not okay and nor is sending dead gnomes to people) but were also inspiring. I'm blaming them for encouraging me to try - emphasis on try - and write my own novel during NaNoWriMo.
From what I saw and heard, all the other workshops and panels were really great and well put together *applauds Alexia*.

So finally we get to my haul! Except for The Heartless City all my books are signed :D

And that's a wrap! It's been so much fun reliving the day in this post, and I really hope you took something from it even though you didn't go with me! Have a great day and happy reading

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