Thursday, 10 September 2015

Announcement: Etsy Shop!!

Last week I hinted to a post that had been in the works for a while (originating over the holidays) and this is it!

I have opened an Etsy shop, selling book related bottle jewellery/crafts.
It all started after I'd been seeing these cute little bottles around and then at Comic Con I saw them turned into necklaces which set my mind racing about what I could do myself. Of course with reading being one of the biggest passions in my life, I thought it would be great to link everything together.

And so... Enchanted Bottle Craft was born!

In celebration I am holding a GIVEAWAY, where 3 winners will win 1 necklace of their choice from the designs in my shop right now (including the ones above).

There are 3 ways to enter:
You can repost the photo from my Instagram.
Retweet from my Twitter.
Enter the rafflecopter on this post below.

I will pick 1 winner from each ^^ and IT IS INTERNATIONAL
Some of the designs:

 I hope you've enjoyed this post and share in a little of the excitement!

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