Wednesday, 29 July 2015

ARC Review: Defects (The Reverians #1) by Sarah Noffke Synopsis:
In the happy, clean community of Austin Valley, everything appears to be perfect. Seventeen-year-old Em Fuller, however, fears something is askew. Em is one of the new generation of Dream Travelers. For some reason, the gods have not seen fit to gift all of them with their expected special abilities. 
Em is a Defect—one of the unfortunate Dream Travelers not gifted with a psychic power. Desperate to do whatever it takes to earn her gift, she endures painful daily injections along with commands from her overbearing, loveless father. One of the few bright spots in her life is the return of a friend she had thought dead—but with his return comes the knowledge of a shocking, unforgivable truth. The society Em thought was protecting her has actually been betraying her, but she has no idea how to break away from its authority without hurting everyone she loves. 

***I received the ARC eBook free as a review copy from the author in exchange for an honest review***

When I heard that Sarah Noffke was releasing another dream traveller novel, it’s safe to say I was right on it aka pleading for a copy. And I was not disappointed. So once again I have to thank her for writing such an amazing story.

It revolves around a new society which is pretty messed up, to say the least. From the start you know everything isn’t fine and dandy like the higher powers portray and I loved how the details were slowly revealed throughout, working to keep you on the edge of your seat. That said, it was fast-paced, and a combination of the two made it an incredibly enjoyable read.

I can’t pick a favourite part; there were simply so many amazing aspects! For instance the characters had plenty of depth, but more than that you immediately care about what happens - the book is quick to build connections between them and the reader. Em is someone I’d want as a friend (for many reasons including being a bad-ass) so long as I’m allowed to steal Rogue away from her… The two are great for each other and their conversations never cease to make me laugh but Rogue… *heartfelt sigh* I want him.

Also I have to mention that Ren’s cameo/crossover made my day?!

In the end, it’s pretty clear that Noffke has a talent for writing books that capture my heart as well as my attention. I’m unbelievably excited to see where this series goes in the next book and in the meantime I’d recommend you pick up Defects.
Favourite Quotes:
“The longer we confine ourselves to a place the more it imprisons us.” 

“Sometimes the best thing about us isn’t what we’re gifted with, but what we can make others feel just by our very nature of existing.” 

“I can’t let you go. If you leave, I’m leaving too. If you stay, I will. Hell, if you march into your father’s house I’ll be right behind you, because I’m absolutely, terrifyingly in love with you.”

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