Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Blog Tour & Excerpt: Rise of the Nephilim (Fire and Flood #1) by N.J. Paige

Goodreads Synopsis:
“Soon they will all be dead. And it will be because I have failed them.”
     Before she was Nephilim, a progeny of the Fallen, she was just a girl from Brewster, New York. A freak of nature. The strange. The different. The other. But then she received the calling to find her true home and take her rightful place in the subterranean world of Babylon. There she would learn that she was the last hope for the survival of Humanity. And she would be forced to choose between the world where she found nothing but pain and rejection, and the world where she was accepted and revered.

Amazon.com: Rise of The Nephilim: Fire And Blood eBook: N. J. Paige: Kindle Store

About the Author:
N. J. Paige lives in Pennsylvania with her husband and two children. Her favorite motto is “Life is but a journey best taken one step at a time.” And she enjoys hiking in her local forest, where she gets inspiration from Tree-Sprites and other woodland creatures. Twitter * Website

Damn it! They never had a chance!  
Her face grimaced as those words ran through her mind; her breath short and fleeting as the thirst for revenge surged through her.
She gripped her hand even tighter around her sword and pulled it from the tree.
Strangely, she took some comfort in the screams of terror, screams, which still surrounded them, for it was a sign, though stabbing at the heart, that not all humans in the city had fallen and hope had not been lost.
Soon, they will all be dead. And it will be because I have failed them.
She thought about her own human family meeting the same fate―that it would not be long before Arcadium and his army reached the threshold of Brewster.
Her eyes glowed in horror through a veil of tears, clouding her vision while she stared at the mangled mess of body parts―human, Nephilim, and Epoch alike, arranged in some freakish mélange of death art.
"Their deaths will not be in vain, not so long as I still breathe, and the last drop of human blood still flows through my Nephilim veins,” she declared.
“Sister, be careful of your words,” whispered Silla―her Nephilim sister―reminding her of the dangers of showing favor of humans over Nephilim. After all, she was now Nephilim, a natural enemy to humanity. And anything else would have been a betrayal to the Dominion of the fallen.

Doesn't that sound awesome! I can't wait to read this - my review will be coming as soon as I do.

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