Friday, 24 April 2015

Review: Light of Lorelei (Tales of Skylge #2) by Jen Minkman Synopsis:
There is no light without shadow,
no truth without sacrifice,
and no way to keep us all from harm.

Aska wants more out of life than being a temple girl in the St. Brandan Convent of Brandaris. Her life-long service to the Baeles-Weards is the only reason she wasn’t killed immediately after birth – she is atoning for the sins of her parents. Her Anglian mother and Skylger father were never supposed to love each other and have children, and Aska is reminded of her low status and illegitimacy by her fellow temple girls every day.

But then she meets Tjalling, a young, mysterious, and charming Skylger fisherman who doesn’t seem to care that he is not supposed to befriend her. Soon after they meet, the island falls prey to the largest Siren attack in the history of Skylge and Aska is beginning to doubt the wisdom of the priests. If the Light in the Tower really keeps the people from harm, why are the Shriekers taking more and more lives each day?

Adding to her inner turmoil is a secret meeting with Royce and Enna, who want to recruit her into their resistance movement, an unexpected confession from her best friend Melinda, and Aska’s realization that she likes Tjalling a bit too much for her own good.

Soon, she is going down a road there is no turning back from, forcing her to make choices that shake the foundations of her world.
For Aska, there is only one true choice – to bring the truth to light.

***I received the eBook free as a review copy from the author/publisher in exchange for an honest review***

Admittedly, it took me a while to get my head around the fact that this book was from a different person’s perspective to the last book, and it definitely took me longer to warm up to the main character who spent more time that I’d have liked reflecting on what she couldn’t do, rather than doing something about it…

That said, she was not a weak heroine and makes many tough choices where she’s thinking about more than just herself. Breaking out of a mould and letting go of the people who try to keep you there is something that takes a great deal of courage; and sacrifice. Aska knows this but she still tries to live her life and grows to not be afraid of standing up for what is right, rather than going with what is easy.

Following your heart is a clear theme in Jen Minkman’s stories, which continue to astound me with beautiful imagery, of not just the different worlds but the deep emotions of its people. As soon as you open one of her books, the writing draws you in and multiple plot twists keep you on your toes. I thought I knew where the plot was going, but the next second a revelation came to light and turned everything upside down; much like it did for Aska.

This wonderfully written book weaves a delicate balance fantasy and reality, where lines are blurred and untold secrets threaten everything the characters have come to know.
Favourite Quotes:
“I want the truth, and increasingly I’m finding out that the truth is never straightforward or uncomplicated.”

“I’m standing on the edge of something new,” I say softly. “My life will change so much from here on in. But I’m not ready to leave all the old stuff behind.”

“I’m Aska Westerhuus,” I reply proudly. “And the people running this island think my life is worthless. But I’ll show them otherwise.”

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