Thursday, 2 April 2015

Review: Bound in Blue (The Sword of Elements #1) by Heather Hamilton-Senter Synopsis:
Gods walk among us—all you have to do is See.

High school senior Rhiannon Lynne couldn’t get noticed even if she walked stark naked into the cafeteria and started playing the ukulele. While tap dancing. As if that weren’t strange enough, Rhi has synaesthesia—she feels in color. It takes being almost drowned by a Celtic river goddess for her to discover she’s been bound by a spell that has hidden her from the world and her own mysterious heritage. 

As Rhi starts to see that her colors belong to magic, she finds herself at the center of a conflict between gods, humans, and the lost world of Avalon. She’ll need to figure things out fast if she wants to be a player in the coming conflict and not a pawn. Each side has a claim on her loyalty, but each one could decide she’s the real threat. 

Hopelessly attracted to a god of thunder; deeply connected to a boy with no memory of his past; irresistibly drawn to a creature with a taste for flesh—Rhi’s choices could decide the fate of worlds, but their choices could decide hers.

Maybe not being seen wasn’t so bad after all.

***I received the ebook free as a review copy from the author/publisher in exchange for an honest review***

It has been such a long time since I looked at Celtic/ Arthurian legends – the last time must have been while watching the TV drama Merlin when I was 11, so this took me back! I loved that though, especially when the story is so different to everything I’d heard before.

Hamilton-Senter definitely knows what she’s talking about when it comes to the original lore and it helps a newbie like me understand exactly what’s happening and who everyone is! There were so many names, that initially it was hard not to get bogged down and lost, but once the background information is out of the way and the action kicks off, everything falls into place.

Of course there were multiple times when I thought the bad guy(s) was obvious, and looking back I could see the evidence practically screaming at me which I was blindly ignorant to. It didn’t help that there was never a clear “right” and “wrong” side – something more books need.

Every character had their place in the story (though that didn’t mean I had to like them *cough*Lacey*cough*) so it was interesting to see their changing roles. As a main character Rhi is likeable as well as relateable, and relationships she had with other characters were beautifully crafted. However a major connection I couldn’t get behind at first was the romantic interest between her and Daley; when the l-bomb dropped it was out of nowhere, and considering the circumstances… you’d understand my doubt of its genuineness.

That aside, this was such an enjoyable book that takes a fresh-spin on old tales, and I’m looking forward to more.
Favourite Quotes:
“There are no good sides, only a chance to gain enough power to be free of them all.”

“Miko rolled her eyes. “Forget all the crap in all the teen paranormal romance books you’ve ever read. I wish they would. Vamps have bought into their own press in the last few years; they all think they’re tortured and misunderstood. The truth is they just like to drink blood.”

“I believe fear is white and thickly veined with blue the colour of the sea. I believe it is an icy edifice which keeps me from my true self. But ice melts.”

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