Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Release Blitz: Rise of the Nephilim (Fire and Flood #1) by N.J. Paige

Goodreads Synopsis:
“Soon they will all be dead. And it will be because I have failed them.”
     Before she was Nephilim, a progeny of the Fallen, she was just a girl from Brewster, New York. A freak of nature. The strange. The different. The other. But then she received the calling to find her true home and take her rightful place in the subterranean world of Babylon. There she would learn that she was the last hope for the survival of Humanity. And she would be forced to choose between the world where she found nothing but pain and rejection, and the world where she was accepted and revered.

Amazon.com: Rise of The Nephilim: Fire And Blood eBook: N. J. Paige: Kindle Store

About the Author:
N. J. Paige lives in Pennsylvania with her husband and two children. Her favorite motto is “Life is but a journey best taken one step at a time.” And she enjoys hiking in her local forest, where she gets inspiration from Tree-Sprites and other woodland creatures. Twitter * Website

My thoughts:
I'm incredbly excited for the release of this book - it looks so interesting and nephilim books have always caught my interest so I'm excited to now have the chance to pick it up! A review will be coming soon.

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