Friday, 6 February 2015

Star Jar (for read books)

So this post is just to let you guys know about a new idea I decided to do, inspired by Sam @ Thoughts on Tomes on YouTube who started a "Star Jar".
This is where you fold these cute origami stars as you'll see in my pictures, which represent the books you read in the year. Simple!

I also decided to colour them by genre, so:
Science fiction - blue
Dystopian - green
Fantasy - purple
Contemporary - pink
Retellings - yellow
Other (e.g. thrillers & classics) - white

It looks like a really fun way to keep up with what I've read and also see what I want to read more of without the added stress of reading challenges. Goodreads is usually what I use, but some books I don't add on there and it also doesn't count re-reads (which I think is stupid, but that's something for another day!).

I've already started this project of mine, and caught up with the 20 books I've read so far; even made some stars in advance so I don't fall behind for whatever reason (I'm sure there'll be one at some point...)

And I think that's all I have to say in this post. If you plan on doing this I'd love to know, and while I used a book for instructions on how to make the origami stars I'm sure there are tutorials on YoutTube somewhere for you to check out :)

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