Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Blog Update: GIFs

Argh, can't believe I haven't posted in 4 days when I'd resolved to post every other day... Best laid plans and all that!
     Anyways, you may have noticed that at the end of my most recent reviews, I have started to include gifs that sum up my feeling towards the book and/or characters... this is not just because I finally figured out how to include them in goodreads reviews, or found an abundance of supernatural ones as I was binge-watching the tv show... but because I think they look cool! (I bet you were expecting some insightful or at least important reason there, but nope).
     There wasn't much point to this post except to say that you can expect many, many more and I'll even be adding some to reviews I've written that simply haven't been posted yet!

What do all of you think of GIFs?

And for now, here's more of the bae:

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