Thursday, 15 January 2015

Review: Split Second (Split Second #1) by Sophie McKenzie Synopsis:

What the hell was this? I stared at the numbers, numb with horror. The box was a bomb. And it was going to go off in two minutes.

Charlie's life is torn apart by a terrorist bomb in a London market. Months later she meets Nat, whose family has been left devastated by the same explosion. But as Charlie gets closer to Nat she starts to wonder if he knows more about the attack than he is letting on...

Life can change in the blink of an eye - whether you're ready or not. 

***I received the eBook free as a review copy from the publisher through Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review***

Sophie McKenzie has an amazing talent for writing action packed YA thrillers that are simply impossible to put down. Split Second was no exception.

There was a high level of dystopian content which was done well, in that you weren’t bogged down with endless details at the very beginning. It was partly due to the fact it closely resembled the world we live in today but where society has changed drastically as a response to budget cuts and unemployment. You could clearly see the parallels, which was interesting; but I didn’t get the sense that the book was designed to make you think about your own life, any more than it was a story to enjoy.

It’s told through a dual narrative with Charlie and Nat as the main protagonists and narrators. Something that often stumps authors is writing the voices so they’re easily distinguishable, but after reading her other series The Medusa Project I already knew McKenzie could do it. Once again I was right. Both characters were very different, but their strengths complimented the others weaknesses. I particularly loved Charlie’s bad-ass character, though it didn’t stop her getting into a few close scrapes…

There were so many twists and turns with regards to just about everything, it was hard to keep up so if that’s your type of thing (like it is mine) you should definitely pick this book up!
Favourite Quotes:
“This hole in the earth was no storage space. I was digging my own grave.”

“It was funny how bomb and wars looked so thrilling in movies and computer games, when the reality was so heart-stoppingly terrifying.”

“Take it easy, Charlie,” Taylor warned, a low murmur in my ear. “He’s a boy, not a bomb.”
I swore under my breath. “Well you get out here and do this, then.” I muttered.
Taylor chuckled in my ear. “I somehow don’t think I’d have the same effect that you’re having.”

“Taylor looked for a second as if he were suppressing a smile. “Why aren’t you scared?” he said. I shrugged. Taylor tilted his head to one side. Then he took a gun from inside his coat and pointed it across at Nat. “I could kill him,” he said. “Would that scare you?”
“No,” I said, careful not to let my horror at his words show. “But it should scare you.”

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