Saturday, 17 January 2015

Review: The Scorch Trials (The Maze Runner #2) by James Dashner Synopsis:
Solving the Maze was supposed to be the end.

Thomas was sure that escape from the Maze would mean freedom for him and the Gladers. But WICKED isn’t done yet. Phase Two has just begun. The Scorch. 
There are no rules. There is no help. You either make it or you die.

The Gladers have two weeks to cross through the Scorch—the most burned-out section of the world. And WICKED has made sure to adjust the variables and stack the odds against them. 
Friendships will be tested. Loyalties will be broke. All the bets are off.
There are others now. Their survival depends on the Gladers’ destruction—and they’re determined to survive.

There’s a big part of me that is disappointed by the lack of answers this books gives, even though I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. The writing was so addictive, with plot twists around every corner, and it was only a few pages from the end of the book that I stopped to think “What the hell is going on?” Thomas was always going on and on about unanswered questions but I had more than him by the end of it with an extra addition of, “Where is this series going?”

Don’t get me wrong I enjoyed it, and I’ll no doubt be continuing the series in hope of those answers, but to be honest I don’t know if James Dashner even has them. He could have easily been making it up as he went along…

One thing for sure is that he can spin suspense! A lot of the book was spent travelling and waiting for the next twist, but it was still captivating (when the characters didn’t complain too much). None of them were weak, because as Minho said they’d been weeded out already until only the strong survived. However that didn’t stop complaints, most of which came from Thomas. It’s understandable I know, but that doesn’t mean it didn’t irritate me beyond belief.

I’m pretty sure I’m making this out to seem like I didn’t like the book, when I did! And that’s where the mixed feelings come in. All the same, this series might be worth picking up if it sounds interesting to you.
Favourite Quotes:
“Yeah, right," Minho said. "And Frypan's gonna start having little babies, Winston'll get rid of his monster acne, and Thomas here'll actually smile for once."
Thomas turned to Minho and exaggerated a fake smile. "There, you happy?"
"Dude," he responded. "You are one ugly shank.”
“Can you do that?” Thomas asked. 
“Kill someone three times.”
“I’d figure out a way.”

“False hope," she said. "Guess that's better than no hope at all.” 

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