Wednesday, 26 November 2014

New Banner & Button & 6 Months Blogging

6 months ago today I started my young adult book blog Enchanted by YA, and it’s still going strong since I’m still here! Today’s post won’t be one of those anniversary posts where you thank everyone and their mothers for their support (that’s coming in May when it’s been a full year ;) providing it continues that long…) but I did want to mention it because I am honestly surprised that I am just as excited about blogging than I was at the beginning and after so many stories about stress etc I can safely say that’s not the case for me *phew*.

I’ve already started to ramble but my point was, that when I noticed the 6 month milestone I also realised that I had never gotten around to making my own button/banner for the blog. I’m no ICT expert and it’s only recently when I got my Instagram account that I started editing photos so instead of asking someone else to do it for me I took it into my own hands and here are the results:

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