Thursday, 23 October 2014

Review: Possession of My Heart (The Three Immortal Blades #2) by Kia Carrington-Russell Synopsis:
After the great fight between Tyran and Misfeata, Karla’s body is recovering. Misfeata has manipulated and possessed her body — now, she lies dormant. But for how long? Paul and Karla continue to venture into the unknown. Karla is in pursuit of her parents, as well as a cure for her body in which Shielder blood now resides. She must find a cure for herself both physically and mentally as she struggles with the morals of this very different world. As Karla tries to avoid the war, she inevitably drags Paul into dangerous circumstances. A rare Elemental Breather is after Karla and out for war, but why? Now, not only combating the Starkorfs, Karla must contend with the Elemental Breathers and her own fighting spirit. In this time of hardship, Lucas comes back into her life. He is also targeted by the strange Elemental Breather, Taskatae, who calls herself ‘Mother.’ After his betrayal, Karla must learn to trust him again as he reminds her who she truly is now. Can she survive the constant battles from not only the physical world but from within? For a while Misfeata is dormant; Karla must try to keep hidden her true feelings. Karla is in turmoil as she faces who may truly possess her heart.

***I received the eBook free as a review copy from the author in exchange for an honest review***

Kia Carrington-Russel really came into her stride with this book, and her writing captivated me right from the start. It was fast-paced and intense but I felt connected to the characters so it wasn’t even close to one of those mindless action novels.

The heroine Karla has definitely woken up to the dire importance of her situation, but that only makes it worse as she not only battles old faces but new ones when she tries to defend those she loves, never mind herself. Constantly fighting her own inner demons she grows to be someone so much stronger than before, and I can only imagine where this new strength will take her.

Paul has always stuck by her side and while I love him, I don’t think he can compare with the enigma that is Lucas. Their chemistry is undeniable and has led to Paul in my eyes being pushed into the friend zone, but Karla hasn’t decided quite yet (there’s also the problem with Lucas betraying her, plus soon to be becoming her worst enemy intent on killing Misfeata who exists inside her). All’s fair in love and war.

I was anxious about the introduction of “new” characters yet I needn’t be. They all have their place in the story, and I look forward to discover the details of their own individual stories because I think there’s a lot more to come…

This series definitely I think has a lot more on the horizon so I’m really excited for it, and in the meanwhile I can read more of Kia Carrington-Russel’s work.
Favourite Quotes:
“You are fabulous; it is only your realization of that which will truly give you peace.”

“Ultimately, I could probably be anything I want or maybe anyone I want. But I have never tried turning into another because I am too damn perfect already.”

“No one has two white angelic wings. We are all confronted one day with the reality of having blackened our morals. Instead of trying to figure out what others are in search of within you, focus on yourself and no longer be inactive. They too are facing their own demons, so let them do so by themselves. You can help them but you cannot choose for them.”

“You may have been lost in a dark world but it is up to you to shine a light so bright you can see properly.”

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