Sunday, 14 September 2014

Review: Interview with a Hex Boy (Divinicus Nex Chronicles) by A&E Kirk Synopsis:
Want to get insight into the Hex Boys inner most thoughts and dreams? Here's your chance! Those Hexy Knights from the #1 Best Selling Divinicus Nex Chronicles series are dishing it up with wonderful women of the book blogging world. Character interviews have never been so much fun! 

When Demons at Deadnight went on tour, several awesome ladies of the book blogging world took on the task of interviewing this crazy group of guys, and hilarity ensued. This is a collection of the interviews where all six boys, Ayden, Jayden, Matthias, Blake, Logan, and Tristan make appearances and answer questions. Maybe something you always wanted to ask! You'll enjoy plenty of laughs and get to know the boys better! 

I think I’m in love. With not one, not two but 6 boys: My Hexy Knights. Call me selfish but they are all mine, no argument about it.

I fell in love with this series (and the Hex Boys) when I read the first book, Demons at Deadnight, just over a week ago and I honestly can’t get enough! The plan was to read Interview with a Hex Boy closer to the release date of the third book but a couple days after it was on my kindle and I couldn’t help myself!

I’m so glad I did, because this was a perfect short read full of humour and fun and I’ll say it again; my Hexy Knights! The conversations between them were so great, and the extra insight made them feel all the more real. I could just see them bantering back and forth, even tackling each other when the time came for it!

A great edition to the series, and I can’t wait for more.
Favourite Quotes:
“Matthias, anything that surprises you about yourself?
Blake: You mean other than he hasn’t dumped Aurora’s body in the lake yet?
Matthias: Don’t be stupid. There’d be no body to find.”

“Blake: Why are you always trying to ruin my relationships?
Ayden: What relationships?
Blake: Jen and I have been going steady for at least ten minutes now.
Jen: *Snorts*
Ayden: And we’ve gone from creepy to delusional.
Matthais: *Drags Blake way.*”

“Blake: Logan’s a great dancer. And we all know a guy who can dance, is good in –
Logan: *Puts hands over ears* La, la, la, la, la!
Jayden: I don’t know why you’re embarrassed. Sexual attraction is a key component to –
Tristan: Ugh! Please stop talking.”

“Tristan: Shut up. The one problem with the story is that Aurora gets to tell her side, and sometimes it makes me look like a bad guy. Which I’m not. I know we made things worse, put her in danger, but remember, I tried to keep her out of this whole mess.”

“Matthais: *Sighs* England. I’d take my Valentine to England on a tour of all the places from Jane Austen’s books. Derbyshire, Mr. Darcy’s house. Places like that.
Ayden: You’re really milking that whole dark, brooding thing.”

“Jenny: Which would you rather face: a pissed off demon, a pissed off Guardian, or a pissed off Aurora?
Ayden: Demon. I have a lot more experience with them. And much more chance of survival.”

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