Wednesday, 3 September 2014

ARC Review: Angelic Upstart (The Alex Trueman Chronicles #3) by Martin Dukes

Amazon Description:
Alex Trueman’s adventures in the time-frozen world of Intersticia and the angelic realm of Elysium were recounted in the first two books in this trilogy, ‘Caught in a Moment’ and ‘Worm Winds of Zanzibar’. In the latter volume Alex and his friends were forced to navigate the complexities of life in a world that resembled nineteenth century East Africa, escaping from the vengeance of a crazed despot whilst a strange natural cataclysm gathered around them. At the same time Alex was obliged to evade the clutches of malevolent angels who had recognised a strange latent power in him with the potential to affect the fate of the universe.

In ‘Angelic Upstart’ Alex begins to explore the parameters of this evolving power. Forbidden by archangels to use his powers on Earth, Alex is nevertheless faced with the severest of temptations. New encounters and new friendships disclose to him the pleasures of angelic existence and the almost unimaginable potential of angelic power. Alex takes his first faltering steps into a new world and a new phase of his existence but in so doing places his own world under a threat that threatens its very survival. 

***I received the eBook free as a review copy from the author in exchange for an honest review***

I have found that when the ending to a book was exceptionally good, and the writing beforehand didn’t match I still can’t give it a high rating, so I think the 5 stars I gave Angelic Upstart speaks for itself!

I was enraptured in the amazing story right from the start of this book, back even to the start of the first in the trilogy Caught in a Moment (which I highly recommend). All the way through to the end my attention never wavered and I was even more interested than when I originally picked the series up. This book in particular, as it was in my eyes the perfect conclusion staying true to the characters; I couldn’t have asked for more.

I have witnessed the characters develop so much through the pages that I felt connected not only to them but their journeys, and I can safely say they’ve been on some amazing adventures! Alex has faced his fair share of problems but it isn’t over yet; in Angelic Upstart there are new battles to be fought with new players who try and twist the rules until Alex and his friends have no idea where they stand, except that it’s not a safe place.

The stakes are higher than ever as our old friends try to win against a villain who has no conscious, and no regard for human life the way he should. His character was undeniably interesting (even when he was being an evil dictator/murderer), but in a way that only enhanced it!

Angelic Upstart is an epic finale that combines the knowledge of Intersticia (the moment between moments), Elysium (the angel’s dwelling and the world’s pivotal point) plus even more parallel universes. They mix together to create a thrilling must-read for teenagers and adults alike where no one’s safe, not even the world.

So I want to thank the author Martin Dukes for allowing me the chance to read his books, and be the first to review Angelic Upstart; something I won’t forget. He’s even been kind enough to give me a copy of the first book in The Alex Trueman Chronicles book: Caught in a Moment, to giveaway so make sure to keep checking back on my blog as it’ll be coming soon!
Favourite Quotes:
“Yes, the universe was incredibly big, incredibly complicated, and it made Alex’s head hurt just thinking about it.”

“They’re afraid of me, because they know I don’t play by the rules – and you know what?” His face was suddenly deadly serious. “That’s what sets you free, Alex. That’s what sets you free.”

“Do you wish to live forever? Or do you wish instead that you could control the appearance of your age, for as you have heard, no doubt, immortality is very much a double-edged sword?”

“His future remained a closed book, of course, but it was a closed book with a hugely enticing blurb.”

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