Saturday, 14 June 2014

Review: A Very Hexy Valentine’s Day (Hex Hall Novella #3.5) by Rachel Hawkins Synopsis:
As a Valentine’s Day Treat, please to enjoy a certain couple from the Hex Hall series enjoying their first Valentine’s Day. If you haven’t read the last book and don’t know who Sophie ends up with, beware spoilers.

I was expecting a proper short story for this novella because I was really stupid and didn’t read that it is in fact only 3 pages long. Otherwise I think I might have enjoyed it a bit more. As is it was more of a reminder of the characters in the amazing Hex Hall series. I do love seeing what happens to the characters after a series finishes, especially when you loved Archer the series as much as I loved Hex Hall so this was a really nice pick me up for a gloomy day (also known as the day I finished the series *sigh*).

Favourite Quotes:
“You me, Applebee’s, a little bit of ghoul hunting…,”

“I couldn’t even get into my room this afternoon because it was filled with roughly ninety bajillion pink balloons. And we’re not even going to get into the current Glitter Situation.”

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