Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Review: Hana (Delirium Novella #1.5) by Lauren Oliver

https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/12663646-hana?ac=1Goodreads Synopsis:
The summer before they're supposed to be cured of the ability to love, best friends Lena and Hana begin to drift apart. While Lena shies away from underground music and parties with boys, Hana jumps at her last chance to experience the forbidden. For her, the summer is full of wild music, dancing—and even her first kiss.

But on the surface, Hana must be a model of perfect behavior. She meets her approved match, Fred Hargrove, and glimpses the safe, comfortable life she’ll have with him once they marry. As the date for her cure draws ever closer, Hana desperately misses Lena, wonders how it feels to truly be in love, and is simultaneously terrified of rebelling and of falling into line.

In this digital story that will appeal to fans of Delirium and welcome new admirers to its world, readers will come to understand scenes from Delirium through Hana's perspective. Hana
 is a touching and revealing look at a life-changing and tumultuous summer.

A lot of the time I get frustrated with short stories (because they’re so short *eye roll at myself*) but this is Lauren Oliver we’re talking about! If anyone can do it well then of course she could! Based from Hana’s POV it retells events from the book Delirium which you will have to read first to understand this novella.

I had expected this novella to go into more depth on Hana’s character and provide the explanations of why she was rebellious against the rules then still followed them when it really counted. But instead it focused a lot more on Lena, even though it was still from Hana’s POV, and while I preferred this, I don’t think fans of Hana will (if there are any).

It described a lot about the changes in Lena, and it truthfully changed my perspective of her because while I was reading Delirium I wasn’t on her side at all with the opinion that she was too bland and wary. Now I really don’t, and instead see how she was so brave to go against what she had been brought up to believe.

Hana on the other hand, well I just don’t like the girl. She didn’t seem important enough in Delirium to dwell on her character development which was a bit sketchy and I don’t understand her now. She went from pining over Lena like a lost puppy to change into a complete jealous bitch, which may seem harsh but you’ll understand after you’ve read it. I can’t get over the ending, and for once I really hate being right, because I imagined that Hana would do something drastic because of her hot-and-cold personality but seeing it written down was so much worse.

But apart from the fact that I don’t like Hana this novella was actually quite interesting and easily a must read for fans of the series.
Favourite Quotes:
“Perfect. There’s the word again: a locked-door word – stifling, strangling.”

“It’s worse than a disease. It’s a poison.”

“The flyers lift and sigh in unison, like a thousand people waving white handkerchiefs, a thousand people waving good-bye.”

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