Monday, 23 June 2014

Review: Alex (Delirium Novella #3.5) by Lauren Oliver

This is one of the most heart wrenching and stunning and beautiful and moving things I have ever read. The emotions feel so real, and this is not only because of Lauren Oliver but Alex. I have been in love with his character from the start and when he “died” I did to. You follow his story like it is your own and it is just as painful to read, I have so much respect and love for him it’s unbelievable; I can’t even put it into words.

It’s probably worth pointing out that this novella does not reveal anything that happened after Requiem because it is written about the Crypts and Alex’s escape to find Lena. You will have to read Pandemonium first because otherwise it kind of ruins the surprise that he’s not dead, but it doesn’t move into Requiem, even though goodreads says it occurs afterwards.
Favourite Quotes:
“In my mind, I was reliving my whole life again----slowly, taking my time.
Because I knew, sooner or later, I’d get to her.
And then… Well I’d already died once. I couldn’t live through it again.”

“I’d thought I would never see the sky again. Anything, anything is possible, if you can just see the sky.”

“For me the world was beginning.”

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